Baltimore Running Festival

This weekend is the annual Baltimore Running Festival.  This race means a lot to me personally not just it is in my hometown.  This course was the location of my first official 5K in 2005 as well as my first half marathon in 2006.  This weekend I am making my return to the 5K.  I am dying to do the half, but I knew it was too close to the Disneyland Half to schedule another half.  After the 5K I will be standing on the sidelines near the finish with posters in hand to cheer on my friends and family that are running the longer distance races.  Good luck and best wishes to:

  • Jon my cousin on his first Half
  • Tawanda from the FIRM boards on her first Half
  • Katie from the FIRM boards on her first Full
  • Rachel, Katie’s training partner, also her first Full
  • Greg, Steph from the FIRM boards husband, running the half
  • Jeff who is running the last leg of the Relay

It will definitely be an exciting morning.  Who would have know in June 2005 when I started running that I was going to take it as far as I have.  I am so excited to be able to celebrate my 2-year Racing anniversary. 

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  1. Jeff Says:

    Congrats on your Race-A-Versary, Katie. Good luck on the 5k and I’ll be looking out for you tomorrow.

  2. Jeff Says:

    Katie — what a great day today was. Weather couldn’t have been better. Race was awesome. I saw you as I approached the finish. Thanks for hanging out there. I couldn’t find anyone I was looking for afterwards. Sorry I couldn’t catch up with you.

    Hope you had as great a day as I did!

  3. patmonahan Says:

    Hope you had a great race. Can’t wait to read a race report.

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