Fighting Cancer with Pizza

After working the entire evening yesterday I was still not able to get 1/4 of my homework to work. It is so frustrating because my code looks just like his does in the example, but mine just won’t work. Tonight we have Pizza Hut night for the ACS, so hopefully I will be able to get my program working before I have to leave for dinner, because I will be leaving from dinner for school.

I went back and did an old Tae Bo workout yesterday to just see how I would do. I did great, but at the same time I realized that the older workouts are much harder than the newer ones. I almost want to go back and sign up for the monthly Tae Bo tapes. Each month they send you a new tape to help keep your workout from going stale. All I know right now is that I am hurting, and I love it.

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  1. Apok Says:

    it was AntiChrist Superstar night at Pizza Hut?

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