Healthy Cheesesteak?

I was craving a cheesesteak today.  One thing I have found about eating healthier is there is almost always a way to feed a craving in a healthier way.  Maybe not a completely healthy way, but you can definitely lower the impact on your wasteline with a little imagination and effort.  I went to Jerry’s Subs and Pizza because they disclose their nutritional info on their site.  I can definitely tell you that places that make their NI known get more patronage from me than places that don’t.  With one exception I will discuss below. 

I ordered the 4 inch Super Grilled Chicken.  Don’t make a face…4 inches is larger than it sounds and is more than enough when you get the thing piled with veggies.  The Super Chicken comes with green peppers, mushrooms, american and provolone cheese.  I asked them to leave the american cheese off to lessen the cheesy load and I got it with onions, tomato and lettuce.  No mayo.  They do offer non-fat mayo packets if you are into that thing, but I prefer the taste of just the veggies.  I did splurge some and got it on the honey wheat bread.  I estimate it overall to be about 300 calories and 4 grams of fat.  I ordered the combo and got the side salad with light italian instead of the fries and a diet Coke.  Since I only used 1/3 of the dressing my WW points total came out to about 8.5 and I certainly fed that cheesesteak craving.  Not bad huh?

So back to that exception of places that offer NI….Outback.  I have a weakness for their Vanilla Bean Mashed Sweet Potatoes which are only available on Wednesday.  The mashed sweet potatoes are only available when you order one particular entree as well.  This season it comes with sirloin, chicken, shrimp, and green beans.  To most this may present a problem because that is a lot of food.  I make it an advantage though.  As soon as the food hits the table or I pull the container out of the carry out bag I get to work cutting everything in half.  In the end I get two sometimes 3 meals out of the one.  I estimate half of the meal to be about 11 pts.  I am probably totally off on that, but I can say that it hasn’t effected my weigh-ins and I get this meal every Wednesday. 

4 Responses to “Healthy Cheesesteak?”

  1. Jeff Says:

    Mmmm cheese steak! Nice call on avoiding the fries, too. Thinking I might have to hit the old Jerry’s down the road for lunch tomorrow.

  2. patmonahan Says:

    i split meals with my wife or kids alot. that sandwich does sound good.

  3. KingHade Says:

    “4 inches is larger then it sounds”… Hehe, good to know…

    Seriously though, you don’t live far from Philly. Why not take a drive and get some real cheesesteaks from Pat’s King of Steaks? Mmm…

  4. K80K Says:

    Only real cheesesteaks are consumed when in Philly, but I am not going to make a trip there to get one for lunch on a workday, lol. Not sure the boss will understand. Also I would need to budget in the time to visit the Digital Ferret. I only get an hour not 3 or 4.

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