So I am a Mom trying to deal with someone bullying her child.  I’m sure you are all like, “you don’t have kids!”  To which I respond I have a furbaby and she has a bully.  A bully that is the furbaby of someone that used to bully me in middle school.  Like mother like furbaby. 

I think I have mentioned the bulldog that attacked Tillie in blogs before and yesterday he attacked again while Tillie was out with her walker.  The poor thing is getting too old for this.  Last night before I saw the note from the walker I saw Tillie struggling some getting up from laying down.  Kind of like I look getting out of the recliner after a long run.  When I got home and saw the note I was furious.

This was her third time getting attacked by this particular monster.  I had to call Animal Control this time I had no choice.  Tillie is very good at defending herself, but as she gets older it is going to get harder and harder.  I gave her lots of hugs and kisses last night and told her I wasn’t going to let that big meanie pick on her anymore.  Next time if it happens with me he will be sprayed with pepper spray and it won’t feel good.  If only all parents could spray their kid’s bullies with pepper spray.

I was very aggitated after hanging up with Animal Control so I put on my Heart Rate Monitor and headed for the basement.  I cranked out Total Body Time Crunch from the FIRM.  I thought for sure I would be too sore for my run this morning, but my legs felt really good.  I laced up my shoes and headed out for 5 miles.  This is the best 5 miles I have ran in probalby over a year.  I finished in 1:01 and some change.  Very close to 12 min miles the whole way through, but I need to hook up my GPS to see how my actual pace looked across each mile.  I am VERY pleased with it either way. 

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  1. patmonahan Says:

    where’s the owner of this dog? I hate bullies, so I agree with you. Portect your dog and yourself. A lot of times the bully has a bully for a parent or owner.

  2. KingHade Says:

    I agree, protect yorself. But watch out, the owner could be just as bad.

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