Rain, rain go away.

Not from here.  It is welcome to rain here as much as it wants.  I want it to go away from FL just for the weekend.  🙂  I fly out tonight.  The race is Saturday and then Sunday we are going to my favorite restaurant and the Mickey’s No So Scary Halloween party.  People dress up for it, but my plans right now are to just wear my medal and maybe my glow-in-the-dark race shirt.  🙂  I will try to post from FL, but it is dial-up, so I am sure you understand if I don’t.  I will be back Monday with a race report. 

Last night I was stuck on the dreadmill because of the weather.  It was wet and I would have run in the rain if I didn’t have to pack my shoes for the flight today.  I got in 3 miles.  Right now I am getting ready to head downstairs for one last FIRM workout before I leave.

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  1. patmonahan Says:

    I just love the Tower of Terror. My favorite ride at disney. have a great time down there. we did the not so scary party a few yeard back. it was a blast.

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