Treadmill Season Begins

Today was the official start of treadmill season for me.  That’s right, we got our first snow fall.  This morning I spent 4 miles on the treadmill.  I need to work on my treadmill running ability so that I can get my long distances in when the weather is sloppy.  I am going to try for 18 miles again this weekend and they will all be speant running in place.  😛  Might need to go buy some new movies on DVD so that I have something to keep my interest for the 4 hours that I am staring at the screen. 

3 Responses to “Treadmill Season Begins”

  1. patmonahan Says:

    18 miles on a treadmill. That’s rough. you should have some friends visiting you in shifts.

  2. K80K Says:

    Hehe, I should have Dad come over with a camera and side step next to the treadmill like he is taking pictures to simulate what it will be like on the race route. 🙂

  3. Jeff Says:

    I have no idea what happens on a treadmill after 99 minutes 59 seconds. I’m sure I don’t want to find out either!

    You should get a medal just for 4 hrs on that machine. You go Katie!

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