Oh FIRMing How I Missed You

This morning I made my triumphant return to my FIRM workouts.  I really have missed them.  I decided to do High Def Sculpt with Annie.  I am going to be so sore tomorrow, but it will be that good sore.  That I did something really good for my body sore.  🙂

I started to compile a training rotation for the next 17 weeks last night.  The 27th marks the beginning of the Walk Across Arizona and I wanted to make sure I could achieve my goal of 410 miles for the 16 week period.  Looks like it will be tough, but doable.  I am still tweaking my plan, but as soon as I have it figured out I will post it.

5 Responses to “Oh FIRMing How I Missed You”

  1. Jeff Says:

    Can’t wait to see that plan. I’m thinking 410 miles in 16 weeks — what was I thinking? I’m lazy, so there’s a good chance I’m gonna borrow your plan! (Do you mind showing 26.2 on May 4! Ha ha!)

  2. K80K Says:

    I will have 9.33 miles on the 4th, I am sure we can easily substitute the 26.2 in there. 🙂

  3. patmonahan Says:

    and I said 410 simply because Jeff said it.

  4. marathonerintraining Says:

    Well K. sinse Pat was so rude to not introduce us, I thought I would stop by and say Hi. I am on your team for the Walk Across Arizona. I have the same goal as you, Jeff, and Pat. We will rock. Congrats on the marathon. I am hoping to do my first full at the San Diego RNR on June 1. If you have the training plan available and are willing to share it with me. I would love to see what you did for yours.

  5. K80K Says:

    I’m not so sure you want to see my training program…especially since I didn’t stick to it, lol. I had some issues training in the cold, so I never made it over 16 miles and I did that in mid-Nov for a race that was in mid-Jan. I guess I am living proof that it is mind over body when it comes to competing in a marathon.

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