Another Half

I have been really wanting to do the Shamrock Half Marathon in Virginia Beach for a couple years now. Last night Dad and I were talking about how he has to go there for work and I was trying to talk him into going for St. Patrick’s weekend so that I could run the half. Unfortunately the race is sold out. I decided that it was a good time frame for me to do a half in, so I did some searching and found myself a half on March 2nd to do. That throws a bit of a wrench into my training rotation I have been working on, but it will definitely help with the mileage for Walk Across Arizona.

I have added a ticker for Walk Across Arizona to the upper right corner of the screen. So starting tomorrow I will be updating my mileage to it as I go. I am planning for 6 miles tomorrow.

As for today it is a FIRMing day. Still haven’t decided what workout I am doing. Might just wing it when I get down there. 😀 I don’t want to do something too lower body heavy so that I don’t have any issues with my run tomorrow.

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  1. Jeff Says:

    Katie — what’s the B&A half you’re doing? I was thinking about getting in a half in prep for Frederick in May.

  2. K80K Says:

    Here you go:
    Come join me! I can bring your poster and have Dad hold it up for you while you run. 🙂

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