WAA Day 4 My Dilemma

I can’t help but feel like I am cheating when exchanging an aerobic weight training workout for mileage in the Walk Across Arizona program. However, I feel like if I don’t I will be cheating out my team for mileage that they are do. So here is what I am going to due. On my training rotation I have added a column called WAA. Here is where I am going to write the Walk Across Arizona mileage equivalent for my activities for the day. These are the numbers I will report to Pat as my weekly total. However, my ticker will only represent the mileage that I have traveled by foot either walking or running. My goal is to reach 410 by walking or running. Everything else will just be icing on the cake for my team.

For today I have taken the dog for a walk of 1 mile. I am getting ready to head out the door to take her for another for 1.1 miles. I also did a FIRM workout, which is considered aerobic weight training. It had me sweeting and my heart racing at times, but I wouldn’t consider it “breath[ing] very hard and perspire heavily”, so I am only going to count it at a moderate intensity. Since 30 minutes = 1 mile and I worked out for 40 minutes I am counting it as 1 mile. That gives me 3.1 for today as seen on my training rotation. 😀

Tomorrow is “Take it and Run Thursday”. Check in to see a post from me about “Motivation”. Now I just need to get motivated to write it. 😉

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  1. patmonahan Says:

    The whole concept behind Walk Across Arizona is to get people active. So you can convert any kind of exercise into mileage. I trust you can figure out what’s fair. I like the ideal of getting to the 410 by foot work and everything else is icing.

  2. K80K Says:

    I consider myself a pretty active person, but I have to say this has actually increased my activity level. My dog’s as well, lol.

  3. Jeff Says:

    Great point about the FIRM workout.

    I was trying to figure out what to do with my group weight class. Definitely gets the heart rate up. I think it would qualify as moderate aerobics.

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