Take it and Run Thursday: Half Marathon

Half Marathon….oh how I love thee…let me count the ways.  Seriously though, half marathon is my favorite race distance and I have tried just about them all…5K, 6K, 5 mi, 7 mi, 15K, and full (surprisingly no 10K yet).  The one I have enjoyed training for and running the most has been the half.  In fact if you recall from my post about Motivation last week I am scheduled for 7 races in the next year…3 of them are half marathons and I am contemplating adding another.  So why the half marathon?

  1. It a good challenge.  One of the reasons I love running is that I can constantly challenge myself and the half marathon is one of those challenges.  My goal for this year in fact is to try to improve my half marathon time and hopefully set a new PR.  Being a half marathon I feel like this a goal I can constantly work towards instead of having to set aside a certain amount of weeks for training.  Bring it on! 
  2. It is long enough be to called a “marathon” without getting dirty looks from other runners.  Many people don’t know the true distance of a marathon.  I have heard people new to the sport say they ran a marathon and you find out they ran a 5K race.  In fact last week I was watching a news story about a little boy who is a double amputtee and they kept saying he ran a “marathon”.  Their idea of a marathon appeared to be a 1 mile race.  While that is fantastic for that little boy and I can view him as VERY motivating he didn’t run a “marathon”.  Needless to say I scoffed a little at the misrepresentation of the news media on that one.  I would have been equally impressed at this little boy’s ability to run a 1 mile race without the let down of finding out it was a 1 mile race.
  3. You can run your long run without sacrificing your entire Sunday.  That was one thing that made it hard for me to get my long runs in for my full marathon training.  I had to sacrifice around 4 hours on the road along with 1 hour of prep time and a couple hours of recovery time.  For a half marathon I only need 2 hours on the weekend for my run and maybe the hour of prep time, but it doesn’t take me several hours to recover from my run.  In fact I can fit a 10 mile run in after work and before bed and don’t even have to wait for the weekend to come if I don’t want to.
  4. It’s all about the bling!  Yes, I will admit it, part of the reason I love halves is that it is long enough for you to get a medal.  I loves me my medals.  In fact if I am looking at a half and it doesn’t say I get a finisher medal then I stop looking at it, lol.  Hey, at least I am honest. 
  5. It is a very friendly distance.  Not that 13.1 miles is not a hard distance to run, but the people that run it are awesome!  They tend to be people that have been running for a little while and have run a few other races before so they have good road ettiquette.  Most of them are very easy to talk to and are more than willing to strike up a conversation to help pass the time whether you are waiting for the start or making your way to the finish. 
  6. My parents don’t have to wait too long for me to get to the finish.  I felt bad for them at my full marathon because they had to drop me off at the start at 4:30 for a race that didn’t start till 6 and then it took me 7 hours to finish.   Talk about a long day!  At least with the half they only have to wait for between 2 and a half or 3 hours before I get to the finish.   

I could keep going and going, but I think you get the idea.  I loves the Half Marathon and I am not shy to tell people I do!  😉 

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9 Responses to “Take it and Run Thursday: Half Marathon”

  1. EatDrinkRunWoman Says:

    Although I’m a full marathoning geek, I still love the half distance as well! In fact, I’ll be running at least 2 during my training for my race in June, and possibly 3. They definitely don’t take the toll that a full does!

  2. K80K Says:

    I actually meant to mention that the half distance was a good training run for the full. That would be my number 7. ;D

  3. marathonerintraining Says:

    I am glad you found your favorate distance. I am still searching for mine. I will try everything under 100 miles. I do want to try one though. As for Shaq, I did not inquire about his hanes. There are pictures of him at http://www.azcentral.com/php-bin/commphotos/show.php?colid=4879&slide_nbr=1&HTTP_REFERER=http://www.azcentral.com/

    Have a great day.

  4. K80K Says:

    Heh, actually I was asking about his uniform from the commercial where he was a horse jockey that aired during the Super Bowl. 🙂

  5. Jeff Says:

    Good stuff — I think I’m with ya on this. (Just gotta get ONE full under my belt.) Everything you said is absolutely true. Still thinking about joining you for the B&A.

  6. K80K Says:

    That was the same way I felt Jeff. Just 1 full to say I did it.

    I would love to have the company. I have a feeling we would probably be really good at helping pace each other for a good time. 🙂

  7. K80K Says:

    BTW: If you want to read more about the inspiring little boy I did find a great article about him:

  8. Running Blog Carnival - Issue #2008-03 >> kdays.com Says:

    […] Katie presents Take it and Run Thursday: Half Marathon posted at http://www.K80K.com. “Half Marathon….oh how I love thee…let me count the ways.” Katie shares the reasons why she loves competing in Half Marathons. What’s your favourite distance? <read full article…> […]

  9. kdays Says:

    Katie, loved your post!
    Your post was submitted to appear in the kdays.com Running Blog Carnival. Issue #2008-03 came out today.

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