WAA Day 6 – FIRMing it up(per)!

Day 6 is not looking good so far.  We are having some freezing rain the in area.  Hopefully it will be gone by tonight so I can get Tillie out for some quality time.  Luckily today was not a running day.  In fact my goal was to give the lower body a break, so I dug through my FIRM collection.  I did the Upper Body portion of Super Body Sculpt and Jiggle Free Arms.  Needless to say the arms were shaking a bit towards the end of that.  Then I decided to work the abs too, but wasn’t in the mood for crunches so I did the Standing Abs portion of Core Solutions.  Unfortunately SBS and CS are not cardio workouts.  Jiggle Free Arms is though so I can convert that to 1 mile for WAA.

4 Responses to “WAA Day 6 – FIRMing it up(per)!”

  1. Jeff Says:

    They “say” that there was freezing rain. Schools were delayed. No clue about that.

    I was out at 5A and there was no ice that I saw. Car temp said 30, but roads were wet but good.

    Think I need that jiggle free workout — is there one for jiggly jowels?

  2. K80K Says:

    There is JF Arms, JF Buns and JF Abs. No JF Jowels that I am aware of, lol.

  3. marathonerintraining Says:

    Do they have a FH abs? I could use that. Keep up the good workouts.

  4. patmonahan Says:

    sounds like you are doing great. keep up the good work.

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