Darn Alarm Clock

Somehow in between yesterday and this morning I managed to shut off my alarm clock.  I usually turn it on Sunday night and then don’t turn it off till Friday morning.  I have no idea how it came to be turned off. Oh well.  Since I didn’t wake up till 7 I couldn’t squeeze my run in this morning.  My plans are to do it tonight.  Hopefully it won’t be too rainy when I head home and I can still get outside.  They are calling for temperatures in the 60s so that would make me VERY happy.  I did get out this morning with the dog for a 1.1 mile, aggressive dog splattered walk.  I swear every turn this morning we ran into another set of agressive dogs.  All of them had owners with them, but none of them really seemed to have good control, so I just kept turning Tillie in a different direction and moving on.  I will check back in with my total mileage for today after I get my run in. 

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