9 on the 9th

Today was Nancy’s ever popular 9 on the 9th virtual race.  This was my first true long run since finishing the Disney Marathon, so I was very happy to get back into the swing of things.  Not to mention I had a birthday party today, bullroast tickets for tonight and reservations at Ruth’s Chris for tomorrow so I needed the huge calorie burn.  😉

I decided to make today and experiment.  I had picked up some Clif Shot Blocks and a new water bottle at the running store last weekend and hadn’t tried them yet.  I have to say I love the Clif Shot Blocks.  I hadn’t tried them yet because I was afraid that I wouldn’t be able to chew and swallow them while on the move.  After Pat’s account of how the shot blocks had an amazing effect on Karen I couldn’t resist trying them.  In the end I actually found them very easy to chew and swallow.  Actually easier so than my Sports Beans.  I will have to save the case of Sports Beans I have for my shorter long runs and get a case of Shot Blocks for my longer long runs.  😉

After the fiasco with my water belt at Disney I decided I needed to get a hand held water bottle at least until I lose enough weight that my water belt fits comfortably again.  I picked up the Nathan Quickdraw which is very similar to this model here.  It holds about 20 oz of water and the strap makes it fit comfortably in your hand.  I found it to be heavy at first, but I am not sure if it is because the bottle was heavy or if it was because of the intensive upper body workout I did yesterday.  After a while I kind of forgot it was there and enjoyed having the water at the ready whenever I needed a sip.  I didn’t overhydrate with it either.  My only true problem was the difficulty I had in blowing my nose since I had a bottle strapped to my hand.

I was very pleased with my run.  I had set out to do it in under 2 hours and came up with 1:58:05.  My splits came out thusly:

1 12:57
2 13:11
3 13:00
4 13:47
5 13:23
6 12:40
7 13:49
8 12:48
9 12:26

I am very proud that I had enough in the tank to make my final mile my fastest.  Still need to work on coming out of the gate so fast.  I have such a hard time slowing myself down when I head out the door.

4 Responses to “9 on the 9th”

  1. Jeff Says:

    Nice run, Katie. Negative splits are impressive. Took some shot blocks, too, this morning before I headed out. I have no clue whether they had an impact or not. Glad you did.

  2. nonrunner Says:

    Ohh, great job. I heard the race director can be bribed with Sports Beans, in case you have extra (although looks like you outkicked me already anyway!!)

    Great running. Thanks so much for joining in with the fun… I will post a full race report sometime on Monday.


  3. KingHade Says:

    Thats awesome that your last one was the fastest too! Kick ass!

  4. K80K Says:

    I have to add that the two miles that are over 13:40 is where I took my “water breaks”. Basically I walked 1/10th of a mile eating my shot block and drinking some water.

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