Broken GPS and an Ice Bath

This morning my ankle was feeling good, so I decided to go for my long run.  I iced my ankle before my warm up and then hit the treadmill.  All was going good and feeling great.  I suited up in my winter gear and grabbed my Garm to get my satelites.  As I as fastening the strap it came off in my hand.  Not only did it detach but the little arm that leads away from the face where the band attaches actually broke off.  There is no fixing it.  I decided to just run with it in my pocket,  but that is proving to be a problem.  As I reached in my pocket to check my mileage a couple times I accidentally it the start/stop button.  I noticed right away and switched it back on, but if I hadn’t had noticed I might have lost some valuable mileage.

I ended up hitting my 10 miles without a problem aside from a little ankle weakness from time to time.  I decided that when I was done I was going to bite my bullet and go ahead with my very first ice bath.  When I finished my cool down walk I headed into the house and did some light stretching.  I then grabbed the ice tray out of the freezer and headed upstairs.  I pulled off my sweaty clothes and sat on the floor of the tub.  I then started to fill it was cold water.  I thought it would make it easier to adjust to the temps if I filled the tub slowly.  My feet quickly reacted to the cold water filling up on me.  It was very painful, but I knew it was good for me.  I pushed through and lasted 15 minutes.  I am still a little sore from the run, but I know it is much better than it could have been if I hadn’t had iced my legs.  I am hoping to be able to do this after each long run going forward.  We will see. 

3 Responses to “Broken GPS and an Ice Bath”

  1. Jeff Says:

    Sounds like time to join the Garmin revolution!

    Nice job getting the 10 in. About the ice bath — I can only say BRRRR! Good for you.

  2. Cheryl Says:

    I love your blog header! Someday I want to be that fit, running person that the fat person morphs into. 🙂

    Amazing – your 10 mile run! And you are one very brave woman to do that ice bath thing! I might have tried it on my feet, but sitting down in the tub full of ice water — Woo!

  3. KingHade Says:

    Ice Bath?!?! *Shudders*

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