Feeling Much Better Today

Yes, I am feeling much happier today thanks in part to reaching a goal I had set for myself this year.  This morning I headed out for my 5 mile tempo run, but in addition to using percieved exertion to judge my pace I set the pace alert on my GPS.  I set my min pace at 12:45 and my max pace to 11:00.  I am happy to report that my max pace alert was going off much more often than my min pace.  In the end I finished my tempo run in 59:28!  Yes, I reached my goal of bringing my pace run under an hour.  Now I know I still have it in me, so I just need to remind myself that when I go out for my runs and maybe, just maybe I will get my 5 mile tempo runs back around 55 minutes.

Ok, time to shower and go to work because right now I am bringing a new definition to the word stink.  Whew!

3 Responses to “Feeling Much Better Today”

  1. Jeff Says:

    Great run, Katie. Since you didn’t mention the ankle, I’ll take that as a good sign.

    B&A right around the corner.

  2. K80K Says:

    It didn’t bother me at all during my run, *knock on wood*. I did make sure to stretch and ice it after my run and it is feeling pretty good. I think the quicker pace I had this morning was actually gentler on my ankle because I had a longer stride.

  3. marathonerintraining Says:

    Well, let me comment on your last three posts. The Garmin thing sucks, you might want to contact Garmin and see how much a new housing unit (shell) would cost. Then take it and the new shell to a watch/repair shop and have them switch the internal stuff to the new shell. You could also look for an ipod arm band that you could slide the gps into.

    The jeans should help you get motovated into watching what you are eating. Do you find it hard to be at work without snacking or sitting at home and snacking while watching tv, or anything like that.

    Great job on the tempo run, from what you wrote, I can see you getting under 50 minutes by the end of summer. (sub 10 minute mile) That is if that is your goal. I do not know what all your goals are, what are your near term goals (next 3-4 months). Also, once you meet that goal, what is your reward for achieving it?

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