Still Moving!

Sorry for not posting in a week or so.  I really haven’t been in the mood and typing was a little painful.  I actually had a piece of a glass Winnie the Pooh soapdish that had taken up residence in my right hand pointer finger.  It happened last Saturday and I thought I had gotten it out, but every time I put pressure on the finger I felt like was getting stabbed.  Finally yesterday I saw a white line that showed that the glass had made it to the surface.  It still took a little digging with a sterilized race bib safety pin to get to it, but I finally got the tweezers on it and felt it break.  I got the top section off, but the longest piece was still in there.  I soaked my finger in a little hot water and then squeezed.  A 1/4 inch piece of glass shot out of my finger so quick it actually made me a little nauseous.  All is well now.  My finger is coated in antibiotic cream and bandaged and happy as it can be.  Now I can type and not get stabbed with every keystroke.  Life is good!

I am ready for my race on Sunday.   It is supposed to be about 30 degrees at the start line of the Half.  That is fine by me!  Actually sounds a little toasty when compared to the 18 degrees I ran in this morning.  🙂  I look forward to catching up with Jeff at the race.  I plan to bring my camera so I can get a snapshot of me with my blog running friend.  I also can finally give him the poster I created for him for the Baltimore Running Festival Relay he ran in October.  Should be a good day!  I am sure I will have a nice post-race recap for you on Sunday.

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  1. obrats Says:

    After reading your blog forever I broke down and got a login so I can leave you a message.

    Best of luck with the 1/2 on Sunday. I will think of you and Jeff, and look forward to the race report.

    And another good thing comes from running…… you might not have had a pin to get the glass out if you were not in a race.

  2. K80K Says:

    Thank you very much! So happy you signed up. I wish I didn’t have to have the login process, but it keeps the spammers away.

    I was very happy to have had that safety pin handy. It was still sitting on my dresser from the Superbowl 5K a couple weeks ago. 😀

  3. Jeff Says:


    OMG, you ran this morning? Outside? Wow. Brrrr.

    Can’t wait to run with you on Sunday.

  4. K80K Says:

    Had to. The treadmill I think is another thing that aggrevates my ankle. Also I run like 2 minutes per mile faster when I am not on the dreadmill.

  5. KingHade Says:

    Goodluck on the race today!

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