New Red Shoes

Saturday I dragged my buns over to Holabird Sports to get myself some new running shoes.  I knew mine were on their last legs since they had dragged me through my full marathon training as well as the marathon.  I estimated over 270 miles were put on those shoes and that is more than enough to wear them down.

I noticed on the Holabird site that my favorite shoe appeared to be red now and I was slightly disappointed.  Last seasons colors had my shoes a nice purple and navy.  They were right up my alley.  I wasn’t looking forward to the red.

Luckily when the shoes came out from the stockroom I was pleasantly surprised to find that they weren’t really red.  They were more of a maroon with orange accents.  They actually were pretty cool looking.  I bought 2 pairs as well as my first running skirt.  🙂

This morning I took one of the pairs out for an easy 5K.  My legs were a good bit tight during the first mile and a half, but my ankle wasn’t bothering me as much as I thought it would.  That makes me think that my ankle pain wasn’t really helped on Sunday by the lack of support left in my shoes. 

I need to go out to the local running store in two weeks to pick up a race packet and I plan to take a bag of old running shoes with me to donate to charity.  They have bins out front of the store for you to drop your old running shoes in.  They will be going to a good cause.  It is nice to know that after they have helped me they will go on to help someone else too. 

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  1. Jeff Says:

    I’m surprised that the old shoes are worn out with just 270 miles. I had always heard a guideline of 4-500.

    Glad you ran pain free. Trying to get out of work a bit early to hit the pavement before the rain comes tonight.

  2. K80K Says:

    I’v heard between 300 and 500 and mine always seem to go right around 300. I have a feeling my 270 number on these shoes was off. I bought this pair I am retiring on September 27th.

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