Take it and Run Thursday: Gear, Gadgets and Equipment

Ode to my Garmin Forerunner 205

How do I love the Garmie? Let me count the ways.
I love Garmie to the end of my street and back
My soles carry me left and right
For the finish line of every race.
I love thy beeps that encourage my pace.
I love thy beeps that tell me to take it easy.
I love thy maps that show me where I’ve been.
With my last miles — I love thee virtual trainer.
(Parody of Sonnet XLIII by Elizabeth Barrett Browning)

Unfortunately I have missed the past couple of Take It and Run Thursdays, so I thought I would start this one off with style.  The topic for this week Gear, Gadgets and Equipment.  Since I just returned from dropping my Garmie off at the FedEx place so he could make his return trip to GARMIN International I thought I would write about him.  Oh how I miss them. 

So I am not the best poet, but I do truly love my Garmin.  Despite being constantly strapped to my arm and dictating my pre-running routine it really brings a new freedom to my running.   My routine goes as follows:

  1. After an 8 minute warm-up on the treadmill.
  2. Adorn any extra layers needed to gaurd against the elements.
  3. Step onto the back porch and turn on my Garmin. 
  4. Stretch while Garmin finds his friends the GPS satellites and I encourage the dog to “do her business”.
  5. Venture back through the house to the front door while verifying that I have the correct distance alert set.
  6. Exit the front door locking it behind me.
  7. Descend the first step.
  8. Descend the second step.
  9. Hit the START button.
  10. GO!

These 10 simple steps are where Garmies control ends.  After that I tell him where were going.  I will be honest that often my running route goes the same way, but it doesn’t have to.  If I am running down the street and find that there is a tractor trailer in the way then there is no problem.  I simply turn around and make up the distance by looping one of the courts more than once.  There is no guess work here, not driving the car around the neighborhood to make sure I covered the correct distance.  No boring tracks or trails with miles markers needed.  I go where I want to go when I want to.

One of my favorite features of my Garmin is www.motionbased.com.  When returning from my run I simply snap my Garmin into its little craddle and send its data up to the motion based website.  It then gives me a map of my run.  Information on my splits.  Temperature readings from while I was out.  I also go to use the Player and watch a little red dot run the route root I ran.  How fun is that???  For a sample here is the Superbowl 5K I ran a few weeks ago.

Unfotunately my Garmin had an accident.  Luckily Garmin has a great warranty program, so my Garmie is snugly wrapped in bubble paper making his way back to the company to have his arm reattached.  In the meantime I am using his older cousin Garmin 201 that I had retired and given to my mother to use for her walks.  Hopefully he will be back to me soon and I garuntee you I will be watching his tracking number like my life depended on it.

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  1. Jeff Says:

    Poor little Garmie! She’ll be back on your arm before you know it, better than ever.

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