Take it and Run Thursday: Building Miles and Going Long

This week’s Take it and Run Thursday topic is Building Miles and Going Long.  When it comes to going long I have always been one to end up with my foot in my mouth.  I started out saying I was just going to train for a 5K to say I did it.  Before I knew it I had done several 5Ks but I was never going to go any longer.  Then I saw an advertisement for the Zoo Zoom 5 miler.  Maybe just this once…  Before I knew it was registered for the Minnie Marathon 15K.  Again I was just going to do it once to say I did it, but I would never run further than that.  The story continues and before I knew it I was training for my one and only full marathon. 

I am not a very fast runner, but I am competitive by nature.  I think that drive is what made me turn towards distance races.  It is one way for me to challenge myself and compete with myself without trying to beat the clock.  Increasing my mileage was a slow and natural progression in my training.  I started with one goal and then once I reached it I set my eyes on the next prize making sure it was far enough out for me to slowly build my mileage.  Increasing too fast or adding in things like hill or speed workouts without building up to them can lead to overuse injuries, which can be long and frustrating to recover from.  A good guideline is not to increase your mileage by more than 10% a week.

I am a 3 day a week runner.  This typically involves 2 tempo workouts during the week and a long run during the weekend.  If my weekend log run is over 7 miles I try to bring some hydration and nutrition along with me.  I used to be a Jelly Belly Sports Bean girl, but when I was training for my full marathon I found the sweetness got to me after mile 14, so recently I started using Clif Shot Bloks. 

Your body isn’t the only thing that will be feeling the strain of you new found distances.  Keep an eye on your shoes.  as you increase your mileage you will be putting more wear and tear on your soles.  Personally the first place I feel a worn shoe is in my knees, so I always make sure to keep an eye on my mileage and change them around ever 250 to 300 miles.  Some people can go as long as 500 miles, but it all depends on your weight, stride, and shoe.

I have a feeling that my worn out shoe will end up stuck in my mouth again.  My competitive nature doesn’t want to stop at a full marathon with a time of 6:59:50, but until my body completely forgives me for the training I put it through for this full marathon this will have to do. 

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5 Responses to “Take it and Run Thursday: Building Miles and Going Long”

  1. Jeff Says:

    I’m thinkin you’re not alone in the buildup of race miles. Ahh, remember the days when a 5k was long? Seems like almost yesterday.

    Do I see an ultra in your future? Hey, there’s always the JFK 50 miler — just a way down I-70 in Hagerstown. I’ll promise to come cheer you on!

  2. K80K Says:

    HAHA NO! You will definitley never ever ever see an ultra in my future. You can bet on that.

    Yes I do remember when 5ks were long. They still feel long to me sometimes when I am having one of those days, lol.

  3. Marcy Says:

    Ahhhhh a girl after my own heart. A 3 day a weeker 😉

  4. goal26.2 Says:

    I’m with you on this. I’ve wanted to run a marathon for a long time. But 6:52:32 just doesn’t cut it. Now I want to get the time down and actually run the whole thing (or almost all). We always say “oh, just this once,” but it’s never just this once. I know it drives my hubby crazy!

  5. AllenKenya Says:

    My wife constantly reminds me that “I’m not interested in racing”. I haven’t done many but finished my 1st 10K race today. I also well remember the day I conquered 5 miles — big milestone.

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