Yesterday I woke up with a headache and a feeling of weakness in the extremities.  Not the way you want to feel on the morning of a race.  I layed on the couch all morning hoping to feel better then hopped in the shower thinking the steam might push whatever it was out of my body.  It didn’t happen.  I didn’t do my Shamrock 5K.

I am very disappointed because this is my favorite 5K.  There are always lots of people and energy.  The race overall has a great feeling to it.  Oh well, no use crying over spilled milk.  I gave my Dad my race shirt and will be recycling my bib.  I also need to take the timing chip back up to the local running shop. 

Today I am still feeling stuffy and a little tired and weak.  I came to work just becuase I know there is too much work to be done not to be here.  I will skip my workout today and hopefully try to run tomorrow if I feel recovered.  I haven’t ran since last Thursday so I am feeling a little…I think puffy is the only way to refer to it. 

3 Responses to “DNS”

  1. Jeff Says:

    Sorry to hear you couldn’t make the run.

    If you weren’t still feeling lousy today I’d wonder if you didn’t get started early on the St. Patty’s day festivities Saturday night.

  2. K80K Says:

    Hehe, partying is one trait I did NOT get from my Irish ancestors. 🙂

  3. Marcy Says:

    Awwwhhhhh man, I’m sorry you didn’t get to race. It’s always a bummer. You sound pretty bad off though. Poor thing 🙁 I hope you start feeling better 🙂

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