WAA Update

You may have noticed from my tracker in the upper right hand corner that I have in fact passed the 300 mile mark in my quest to reach  my goal of 410 miles by foot by May 17th.  I am very pleased with that.  Now the next several weeks are going to be a challenge to squeeze out the last 110 miles.  I have a few things on my side though. 

For starters the weather is getting to be nice and warm, so walks with Tillie are extremely enjoyable.  That is 2.20 miles per day at least.  I have two races coming up, which are great for earning mileage.  I also have a trip to Disney.  I plan to wear my pedomiter to the parks so that I can count that mileage towards my goal.  The last Friday of the challenge is the Relay for Life.  Which means lots and lots of walking.  Plan to wear my pedometer there as well so that I can count the mileage. 

As long as my body holds up I should be able to blow that 410 mile goal out of the water!

7 Responses to “WAA Update”

  1. obrats Says:

    Best of luck with the 410 miles. I know you will do it.

  2. Marcy Says:

    I’m SURE you’ll do it ;D ;D

  3. Jeff Says:

    Almost there, you’ll get it done.

  4. JMom Says:

    Ah! I am finally able to comment. I never got to register…sorry about that!

    Great job working on those miles!!

  5. JMom Says:


  6. K80K Says:

    Hey hey, welcome Java! 🙂

  7. KingHade Says:

    Awesome, I’m sure you’ll make your goal… If your a little short, I’ll be in DC on May 13-15th, so you could always take a last minute “run” down there… 😉

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