Inaugural Run

Home from the inaugural run of the Blue Crab running club.  It was a great success.  Tawanda and I headed out for 8 miles.  The weather was great and the trail was beautiful.  It was actually pretty crowded and points, but we kept moving forward.  Time seemed to fly by with non-stop conversation.  We will definitely be doing this again.  We came in at 1:43:02 for the full 8 miles, but I think I might have lost the satellite somewhere because we ran out to just past the 4 mile marker on the trail then turned around and came back and ended up .10 mile short.  We ran till the GPS said we were at a full 8.  I am thinking maybe when I upload my run to MotionBased it might give me a more accurate mileage.  Fingers Crossed.

3 Responses to “Inaugural Run”

  1. Jeff Says:

    Where did you run? What trail?

  2. K80K Says:

    We went to the NCR Trail and enjoyed the nice crushed stone path. I swear that is the best I have ever felt after a long run. 🙂

  3. Chief Wahoo Says:

    Congrats on what sounds like a great inaugural run!

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