In 12 hours…

…I will be getting ready to leave for the airport.   It has been a stressful couple of days at work, so I am very happy to be getting out of here. 

Mine and Tillie’s bags are packed and ready to go.  Yes, the dog has a bag to take to her dog walker’s with her.  It is packed with food and all of the treats she could possibly need.  I counted out the amount that she usually gets from me during the week.  I am curious to see how many come back, lol.

I am heading down for my last FIRM workout before I return home from Florida.  I have all of the equipment I need down there, but with two races this weekend trying to squeeze in a workout will be impracticle.  My plans right now inlude an easy 3 miles tomorrow to test out my new running skirt.  Then Saturday I have the 5K and Sunday I have the 15K.  Monday will be a rest day as I travel home and then Tuesday I will jump into a new rotation. 

I am sure I will check in after both races this weekend thanks to Mom’s Florida dial-up.  Blech!

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  1. Jeff Says:

    All right, Katie. Best of luck to you. Will be checking in, looking for updates.

    Enjoy all the swiftness that dial-up has to offer. (Maybe you could hang out in some hotel lobby and rip off their free wi-fi!)

  2. obrats Says:

    2 races this weekend….. nice best of luck.

  3. KingHade Says:

    Good Luck!

  4. groppigirl Says:

    I hope you had a couple of good races. Did you like the running skirt?

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