10K on the 10th – Pre-race report…

Tomorrow is the 10K on the 10th virtual race organized by Nancy.  I plan to just take my time since it is still within a week of a race.  I haven’t decided who to choose as my pacer yet.  It has to be someone that will get along well with the running group I plan to join this weekend.  He or she will also need to be a little on the slower side since I know my legs aren’t 100% yet.  Any suggestions?  Nancy has given us some nice options for this race.

I recieved a shipping notice that my new running skirts will be here on Monday, so one of them will make their maiden voyage during my 5 miles on Tuesday.  Then I will be sure to leave a review for those of you that are interested like Jeff.  😉

If you haven’t noticed next week is the last week of the Walk Across Arizona.  I have 32.65 miles left till I hit the 410 miles travelled by foot for the 16-week span.  I have planned everything out, including walking the dog, and if I stick to my guns I will hit that mark even before heading to the Relay for Life next Friday.  Overall I have already logged 463 miles for the team when you include my FIRM workouts.  Pardon me for patting myself on my back, but I am very proud of myself.  Overall the program has benefitted me by getting me more active throughout the day rather than just my workout in the morning and it has helped me return to consistently FIRMing.  Thanks WAA!

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  1. JMom Says:

    Have a great 10k! I am picking the pacer with high heels so that I look good next to her. ;>P

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