Skirt Sports Skirt Review

Yesterday I took my first of two Skirt Sports Skirts out for a run.  The one I chose first was my black one because I am not sure I am ready to sport the Flirtini skirt just yet.  When Ifirst tried the skirt on it made me really self conscious.  The skirt and shorts are both shorter than the ones offerred by Running Skirts.  The shorts I found to be better as it comes to compressions shorts in that they were actually compressing my leg.  This helped when actually out on the run because they stayed put.  I think in the end the position to which my running skirts shorts rode up ended up being to the same height as my skirt sports shorts started.  In the end both will require a little body glide just to ensure no adverse effects, but I can handle that.

The big difference between the two skirts is the wasteband.  That is the Running Skirts skirt actually has one and the Skirts Sports rides so low it is almost like not having one.  They actually are at two extremes.  The Running Skirts skirt actually required me to turn down the wasteband as it was too high.  However, if you watch the videos on the site that is the way the way they were designed.  I certainly am not complaining because I usually turn down the band on my running shorts anyway.  The Skirts Sports lack there of in wasteband will take some getting used to.  The the combo of my skirt not having a wasteband and my moisture wicking underwear having one left me with the sensation several times on my run yesterday that I was losing my skirt.  I am sure the guy that was running behind me yesterday found if amusing when I stopped suddenly and reached down to grab the skirt that I thought was retreating below my buttocks only to find that it was still there.  I might actually need to go comando in this skirt to rid myself of the sensation.  I will probably instead just work on trusting that the skirt isn’t abandonimg me mid-run.  One big bonus of the skirts sports skirt is that there is a tummy control panel built into the front of the compression shorts.  However I did find that this “bonus” increased the likelyhood of having a muffin top and having my skirt drop under my tummy roll. 

I am torn because I like the fit of the skirt part of the Running Skirts article better and the shorts part of the Skirts Sports article better.   If I could get the Skirt Sports shorts with the Running Skirts skirt I would be a happy girl.  Instead I am going to work on losing weight so that the skirt on the Skirts Sports skirt looks a little more flattering and until then I will wear long shirts to cover any unattractive bits of my anatomy. 

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  1. Marcy Says:

    I’m always one for a band. I feel like it keeps my flabbing stomach under control LMAO!

    Gotta go commando chica! It’s the only way to roll LOL

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