Walls of Motivation

I was asked to post some pictures of my medal shadow boxes for the DisneyRunning.com forum, so I thought since I was getting them up for them I would post them here too.  I had them all framed and had trouble finding where to hang them.  I ended up moving the Irish and Australian flags that belonged to my grandfather into the basement and using the wall leading into the basement.  These pictures don’t include the stuff I got from the 5K and 15K last weekend.  Here is the wall into the basement:

Medal Wall Pic 1

Medal Wall Pic 2

In addition to the motivation from the medals I have what I actually call the “Wall of Motivation”.  This is the wall in the basement that my treadmill faces.  I need something to keep me going on the dreadmill right?

Wall of Motivation

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  1. Jeff Says:

    WOW! That’s a lot of motivation!

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