8 Day Recap…

It has been a very busy 8 days for me.  Shall we recap?

Last Thursday my great uncle passed away after a battle with heart disease and cancer.  He was the last of my Grandfather-on-my-mothers-side’s brothers.  I memorialized him on Friday by walking the Relay for Life in his memory. 

Saturday I squeezed in a 4 mile run to help me reach my 410 miles walked/ran goal for the Walk Across Arizona.  After a quick shower I headed over to the SkullzDotHouse for a Indiana Jones Marathon in preparation for going to the drive-in and seeing the Crystal Skull last night.

Sunday there were several viewings for my Great Uncle and then Monday was the funeral sandwiched between several hours of working from home.  Tuesday was the all important 2-hour NCIS finale which forced me to cut the grass and run on Wednesday.

I am really looking forward to the long weekend ahead.  I have not been eating very well at all for the last few weeks so in addition to eating healthy my plans are to run and clean and maybe catch the UFC at my brother’s on Saturday.  I need to clean my sun room to prepare it for the arrival of my new toy next week.  Yes, I pre-ordered myself a Wii so that I can play the Lego’s Inidiana Jones game amongst many others. 

3 Responses to “8 Day Recap…”

  1. Jeff Says:

    Katie — sorry to hear about your great uncle.

    Way to go on the WAA. Hard to believe that 16 weeks is over.

    Have a great run with Towanda tomorrow — wish I was gonna be there!

  2. Marcy Says:

    I’m sorry for you loss. What a great way to celebrate his memory 🙂

    Oooohhhh I bet that game will be fun. I laughed my butt off when the Mr bought Lego Star Wars but it’s actually REALLY fun. I can imagine Lego Indiana Jones will be the same 🙂

  3. JMom Says:

    I am sorry to hear about your loss.

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