Week 2 – Long Run

This week’s long run found me out with the local running group again, but this week we headed to a local reservoir to run.  All I have to say is hills, hills, hills.  In fact if it wasn’t so hilly the 12:20 pace I ended up finishing my 6 miles at would have been more like 11:30.  Yes, that’s right I had a 15:40 mile in there that felt like it was straight up hill.  This is really going to help me with the Baltimore Half though.  Special thanks to the “Coach” who stuck with me during my first experience with these hills.  Best of luck to him as he heads to Vegas this weekend for a race where the average temperature is 115 degrees.  Ouch!

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  1. Marcy Says:

    That’s right chica! All that hill work will pay off soon enough! 😉

  2. JMom Says:

    Where is the race? Here?

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