It’s Never Too Cold for a Skirt

At least I think that is what was thinking when the designed the Tough Girl Running Skirt.  I think I’ve actually wanted a Tough Girl longer than I’ve wanted a regular running skirt.  When Andi pointed out that  had last year’s colors on sale and I just couldn’t resist giving both the black and the pink a try. 

I found the boot cut of the legs to be rather flattering, even if I do say so myself.   The skirt allows you to wear traditional winter tights with the modesty of extra booty coverage.  When out on the run they did a great job of keeping me warm and were super comfy.  I found the pants a little long and and ended up rolling the cuffs up a little bit this morning to make sure I didn’t run on them.   I also have to say the black pair does a great job of complementing my thief outfit (as my father likes to call it).  By the way the bottom of the black hat I am wearing in the picture on the right is not white.  It just does a really good job of being reflective.

3 Responses to “It’s Never Too Cold for a Skirt”

  1. Marcy Says:

    OMG!! Those are sooooo cute! Love em!

  2. JMom Says:

    Those are super cute!! I love the concept but I don’t think it’s ever cold enough here! LOL

  3. K80K Says:

    Hehe, yes I can’t imagine they do much for anyone in Arizona.

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