Road Trip!

Dad decided he wanted a new car, so he got himself a new car.  Problem?  It is here and he wants it at the house in Florida.  His plans were to drive it down this weekend, but my mother was worried about him driving overnight by himself.  Here is where I step in.  I looked at my calendar and saw the following: “13K“.  Yes, there was a race in Florida I wanted to do this weekend, but decided it wasn’t practical for me to fly down for another weekend trip after two vacations in the month of September.  Here comes the lightbulb.  I give Mom a ring, “If you fly me home on Sunday night I will help Dad drive the car down and while I am there I can run the Tower of Terror 13K”.  It’s a win-win! 

So tonight Dad and I are climbing into his new car and taking shift driving it down the east coast to its new home in the Sunshine State.  What am I looking forward to the most?  My good friend Pedro and his South of the Border billboards!

3 Responses to “Road Trip!”

  1. JMom Says:

    Awesome!!! I want to come and do that run!!

  2. Jeff Says:

    Great way to get down there. So, what’s dad driving now?

    Good luck in the run. Do you get to go on the ride afterwards?

  3. ArizonaPat Says:

    Heck, I’ll drive dad down if your mom will fly me back.

    Do your folks live close to Orlando? We could all meet there for next years ToT 13k. I’m sure your folks would love us all crashing on the floor.

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