The Sky is Falling

Today we had some training in one of the rooms in the basement of our building.  About 5 minutes in we heard what we thought was a rat running through some duct work above our heads.  It stopped just above me and almost sounded like it was repeatedly running into the wall of the duct work.  We all kind of sat there staring at the ceiling as the sound got louder and the contact more and more violent.  Finally the panels in the ceiling actually raised up.  We all jumped up and moved the the perimeter of the room at this point.  The ceiling tiles almost seemed to pulsate and finally the started falling from to the ground followed by the light fixture that I was sitting directly underneath.  Needless to say my heart was racing.  Turns out it was a constractor doing work in the building that was yanking a piece of fiber optic cable from several floors above us.  It got caught in the light fixture above us and and instead of investigating what it was caught on they decided to just keep yanking until the wire was freed.  Of course to do that it had to take the ceiling of the room we were in with it.   Needless to say our building operations manager was none too happy!

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