It’s About Time!

I fixed the images on the static pages I had on the site.  There are still some missing from the blogs but I fear some of them are gone and lost forever because K80K has not be diligent about backing up her hard drive. 

The new PC arrived just before I left for Disney World and I mean “just”.  My parents carried the boxes in the door while I carried my suit cases back out.  I didn’t get a chance to set up the new PC till last night and then I had to search my backup discs to see what exactly I had stored. 

I am loving having a new computer.  Who knew that you could hit a power button and just like the PC was available for your!?!  I had a 5-10 minute boot up on my old PC.  I have harvested various pieces from my old PC.  I snagged the video card, memory and wireless modem.  I have plans for them.  The rest will be going back to Dell for recycling.  🙂

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