Mickey Tattoos

The semester is finally finished. Now I am on summer break until 7/14 when I go back for my 1 month mini-mester that I have been complaining about in my previous blogs. Now it is time to get back to the stuff I love. Websites….uh…wait…that is what I do in school. OK make that websites that are near and dear to my heart such as K80K and SDO.

In other news my mother got 2 tattoos. Wooo, calm down. This is my Mom’s rendition of a tattoo, so there isn’t really much to it. She actually wanted to look like she had moles or freckles in the shape of Mickey’s head. Yeah, exactly what I was thinking Tyrant, “what’s the point?” They are still a little bloody, but you can get the gyst from these pictures:

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  1. Lusiphur Malache Says:

    Thats nuthing, there’s a guy that comes in from time to time at the resort that has EVERY single disney character tattoo’ed on his body. Needless to say security wont let him in the park unless he keeps them all covered.

  2. K80K Says:

    More than likely my Mom knows the guy you are talking about. Whenever they do shows on Disney fanatics she is always like "oh I know that guy, that’s so-and-so".

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