Superbowl 5K 2009

I told myself I wasn’t allowed to get ready for work this morning until I blogged at least one race, so here I am.  First up in the race reports is the Superbowl 5K. 

Dad and I usually wait till race morning to register for this race because you never know what the weather is going to be like.  Race morning we made our way to registration and scored some bright hellow race shirts.  We go there early to ensure that Dad would be able to get the size that he wanted.  This race benefits the local police department memorial fund, so they tend to be well supported.  We walked into the community college gym to find bananas, apples, water and an assortment of donuts, bagels and pastries.  I started eyeing up some of the pastries but decided to sit down and behave myself.

Following my success with the virtual partner feature on my Garmin for the WDW Half marathon I decided to give it another go.  I set it up for a 35 minute 5K as we headed to the start line.  It was cooler that morning, but the race didn’t start till later in the monrning so the sun had a chance to come up and warm the pavement some.  My Tough Girl was plenty warm to get me through the race.

This race is fairly challenging because it is an out and back where the first half is downhill and the second is up.  I felt pretty good after the downhill and tried to dig deap for the uphill return.  I ran the majority of the uphill but as I got towards the steepest section of the course I opted to slow to a walk just until I got over the hump of the hill.  The path in towards the finish line is flat, but unfortunately the walk on the hill ate up a good bit of time and allowed my virtual partner to pass me. 

In the end I did manage to cut a minute off of my finish time from last year.  Still not anywhere near my sub-30 PR, but every little bit counts right?

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