Summer Running

Had me a blast…Summer Running Happened so fast…

Okay, so the Grease reference was lame. Moving on.

Now that summer is in full swing I find myself race-less until Labor Day, but I am far from being able to take it easy. My summer mission is to keep on top of my running and get myself to the Marine Corps Marathon properly trainined. Anyone that was around for my first round of Marathon training can probably remember that I showed up to the start line with nothing more than 16.5 miles under my belt and that was two months before the race. I am trying to train smarter for the MCM. My only goal for the race is to beat the bridge which means sub-14 min/miles through mile 20. This is completely doable if I just stay consistent through the summer. I do have two half marathons that I am using a training runs – RnR VB and the PDR. Both fall just over a month out from Marathon day and are sandwiched into a 20-miler Big Mac – 20 miler, half, 20 miler, half, 20 miler. I did pad my training plan with an extra 20 milers because I want to be able to build some flexibility into the plan.

So what else am I doing to help myself prepare for the MCM? I have started using the Galloway program for any runs 6 miles or over. I know this will help keep me fresh through the bridge at MCM and will probably be necessary to get me to the finish lines of the Goofy. So far I have run 2 long runs and a moderate run using the Galloway training with an interval of 2:1 minutes. My legs have felt great at the end and my soreness the next day on the long runs has been minimal. I am thinking it will also help me get those long runs in as the summer weather continues to heat up.
The only other thing I believe I need for the MCM recipe is to drop a few lbs. I am carrying all of my extra weight in my stomach, butt and thighs right now, which isn’t too much fun for a runner. So I am looking to be more accountable to myself.

That is the summer plan. I will try my best to keep my blog updated at least weekly since I won’t have any race reports to post. Oh and I STILL need to get a post up for the AOR. There is just so much to write there I don’t know where to start!

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  1. groppigirl Says:

    Good luck with the training Katie!
    Your summer plan sounds great.

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