The Work Factor

One of the biggest contributors to my calorie intake recently has been work.  I have been working 60+ hour weeks and eating out alot.   Additionally they have been feeding us to, they say, help keep our spirits up.  The team has discussed it and we believe they are actually trying to fatten us up so that we can’t leave our chairs, lol. 

Today I reinstated one of my old habits.  When snacks are brought in I pull up my tracker and a stack of post-its and get to work posting the point values on the snacks to help myself think twice before putting any of them in my mouth.  Today’s choices were movie style popcorn at 6 pts for 3 cups and cracker jacks at 3 pts for 1/2 a cup.  The post-its did their job and I walked out the door only eating two cracker jack kernels. 

Tomorrow we are having Five Guys brought in.  I have known this for a week so I have planned ahead and saved my weekly points allowance for tomorrow.  I also already put the cheeseburger and fries in  my point tracker so that I can plan around it. 

Since my new boss started with the company I have gained 15 lbs.  Time to put the breaks on the up swing and send that scale back in the right direction!

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