Meet FIRM Club Member roscoemd
She lost 66 pounds with The FIRM!



Success By The Numbers
Starting Weight: 254
Current Weight: 188
Total Weight Loss: 66 pounds
Starting Dress Size: 20W Stretch Plus
Current Dress Size: 14
Total Sizes Lost: 3

How Katie gained 80 pounds…
In middle and high school I always had a sport that I was playing, but after graduating high school my fitness took a back seat to my studies. I tried several times to start up new workout routines, but a paper or exam would come along and I would have to stop again. After graduating with my Masters Degree I had successfully gained over 80 lbs and was in the worst shape of my life.

How Katie LOST 66 pounds and found some "me" time…
I finally decided that now that I finished my education, it was "me" time. I started to get my eating under control but knew that in the long run only exercise would help me lead the kind of lifestyle I desired. The FIRM videos help me to strengthen and tone all the muscles in my body from head to toe including my heart.

And she gained a sense of accomplishment… in record time!
I feel like I stand a little taller with each and every workout. Finishing a workout leaves me with a feeling of accomplishment and sense of satisfaction that I can carry with me the whole day through.

The sequencing of each of the workouts makes me feel like I am really getting the most for my time. I finish each workout covered in sweat and really feeling like I put my all into the workout.

Katie's typical daily meals… This is how Katie lost 66 pounds! You can eat this way too!

Breakfast: I cup oatmeal with cinnamon and raisins or whole grain cereal with skim milk, yogurt and a banana

Lunch: chicken or shrimp salad sandwich on whole grain bread with lettuce and tomato, fat-free chip, pickle, diet soda

Dinner: Salmon with broccoli or a salad full of fresh veggies and a fat free reduced calorie dressing.

My favorite meal is: Maryland style crab cakes with a fresh salad

Favorite Cheat Food: Chocolate ice cream with mini PB Cups crushed on top.

Katie's Favorite Diet Tip? Portion size and moderation…
It is all about portion control and balance. If you feel like you need to have a piece of chocolate or some ice cream you can you just need to use moderation and portion control to stop it from showing up on the hips.

Katie says don't beat yourself up…
I don't get down on myself too much when I slip on my diet or miss a workout. I use that "failure" as a motivator to make my eating or my workout the next day the best it has ever been.

Take it from Katie - Beginners tips for Success!
  1. Start slow with no weights and do the beginner moves even if you feel like you are strong enough not to. The FIRM workouts are great and I think are tougher than they look!
  2. Use your rest days when you start out. Giving your body time to recover from the previous workout puts it in great form for the next workout.
  3. Never skip your stretches. You may think you don't need them but your body will thank you later!
  4. When you find yourself making excuses for yourself so you can skip your workout, STOP! Put your DVD in and get to work. You will feel so great when you are done you won't even remember why you were contemplating skipping it.
  5. Get a buddy to check-in with. They can be a great motivator and a best friend. They understand where you are coming from and want you go get there as much as you do. It really helps me get through the tough days to know that she will be there to cheer me on.

The FIRM Believer's Club Video Rotations take the guesswork out of your routines!
The FBC is a great motivator for my fitness goals. I love the rotations! They take the guesswork of which video I should do each day. I just check my calendar, grab my DVD, and use my energy in my workout instead of standing in front of my bookcase. It is also a great place to ask questions and check-in with my fellow FIRMies. The advice you can get from the Master Instructors and Sara is priceless.

Pictures are worth a thousand words… and about 66 pounds!
When I first started to put on weight, I knew I had gained, but it had been so slow that I didn't realize exactly how much I had gained. Now I look at my before and after photos and realize how big a difference it is. I am never going back!

The Queen of Excuses (aka Katie!) says, "No More excuses!"
I am the queen of excuses. If I don't want to do something I will find a way to talk myself out of feeling guilty about not doing it. I can't do that with my workouts anymore. All the excuses that I could come up with aren't good enough anymore because I am holding myself accountable to the most important person of all, myself.

I am always happy when…
I get out of the shower after a great workout. I feel beautiful on the inside and out and am ready to face the day.