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Work, work, work…

Thursday, October 20th, 2005

Feels like all I have been doing lately is working on stuff. Working on work stuff, working on home stuff, working…well I’ve just been busy. Tonight will be another busy night for me since I haven’t really been home for the last few weeks and all the work I have to do at home has just been piling up.

One of the things that has been keeping me from the house is Volleyball. For the past two weeks I have been playing Sunday, Monday and Wednesday. It is taking up way too much of my time. I was asked to sub for my work team again this Sunday, but we are doing something at my parent’s house on Sunday for my brother’s birthday, so I had a good excuse to turn them down. I fear that next season I will have to go part-time on one of my other two teams. I am really enjoying Mondays and I get a lot of play time on the court which has been decreasing on the my Wednesday team. I love the Wednesday team, but I think playing on Mondays is better for my ability overall. I am going to offer to go part-time for them. That is I will stay on the roster to sub when they need me, but I will not play if they have enough people to field a team. This should also save me some money on gas. Bonus!

Is It Wrong???

Friday, August 26th, 2005

Finally fixed the PC last night, so you will notice that my live cam is now live again. No more static pictures of me making that stupid face. :crazy:

A couple weeks ago I saw a familiar face walking my neighborhood. This is one of the few faces that actually stirs a sad emotion in my when I see it. When I moved onto middle school everything changed for me. The California Acheivement tests moved me from my average level classes into honors and GT classes, so I was moved out of classes that I had with my friends. I ended up having to try to make all new friends, which being a shy, overweight kid was really hard for me. I found a few people that didn’t mind talking to a new face and that didn’t make me feel like I needed to just close up completely. Then one day I got a note from one of the girls. The note pretty told me that this girl hated me and that she wanted me to stay away from her and ALL of her friends, which pretty much encompassed all of the people that I was trying to make friends with. For an 11 year old it was crushing. I cried myself to sleep for at least a week straight. That’s the kind of pain that you never forget. Now this girl lives in my neighborhood just 6 doors down from me on my same street. Is it wrong that I am happy that she has big hips?

Burnin’ Down

Thursday, May 12th, 2005

Told you I wouldn’t be able to not post for a while. I just have to share this story though. I was getting ready to leave work yesterday, so I made my usual trip to to check my route home. I notice a red yield sign that looks pretty close to where I usually travel. I clock on the sign and a box pops up saying that a fire off of Fitch Avenue has it closed between Rossville and Ridge. Anyone that knows where my parents live knows that my parents house is just about right in the middle of that closed area. My heart skipped a beat. I tried calling Pop and got his answering machine. I called Dad to tell him that I was driving home and to try to get a hold of Pop. I of course forgot my cell phone, so off I got to try to get home as fast as I can. I turn down our street and at this point the closed area has shrunk to just past my parents street on up to Rossville. I was able to pull right down to my parent’s house without an issue. It was then that I saw my parent’s neighbor’s house was on fire. I know the family in this house becaus I babysat the little girl that lives there several times. When I drove past this morning you could see straight into the top floor and tell that it was gutted. The first floor was all boarded up. I don’t yet know if anyone is hurt, but my heart does go out to Jordan, Joshua and their Mom because it looks like they have lost everything.