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The 8 Days of Thankgiving – Day 1

Wednesday, November 14th, 2007

I’ve decided that in my blog each day between now and Thanksgiving I would list something I am thankful for that day.  That gives me 8 days of Thanksgiving.  🙂 

Today my Mom is coming home from Florida for the holidays.  I am thankful for both of my parents.  As my brother and I have gotten older we have easily slipped into friendships with both our parents.  They are very supportive of everything we do even if they don’t agree with it 100%.  They are there when we need them and know when to step back and let us go and do our own thing.  They are very generous and caring people when it comes to everyone. 

Ok…on to our regularly schedule program.  Last night I went out for 5-7 miles.  At mile 3 my calves were tight, I was tired and hungry and I stopped.  I was staning in the street looking a lamp post and scolded myself to falling victim to mind games.  I ran one more lap around the court to snap myself out of it and then was on my way again finishing out another 3 miles.  I felt so much better after I had all 6 done.  I have been reading a thread about losing motivation on the boards and I think it planted some thoughts in my subconsciou that were sabotaging me last night.  I have vowed not to read that thread anymore.

This morning I did a FIRM workout and then celebrated with my healthy cheesesteak alternative.  It is getting to be cold out and it is making me turn towards my comfort foods.  Cheesesteaks being one, but pizza really is my number one favorite.  I need to go to the store and get some whole wheat pitas, pizza sauce and Sargento low-fat mozzerella so I can make my own from home.  Jerry’s Subs has a sm cheese pizza that is only 13 pts, but I am finding it really hard resisting eating the whole thing. 

Almost forgot, today I get my first ever flu shot. It is recommended that people training for a marathon during the winter months get a flu shot becuase your defenses will be down as your body heals from all of your runs.  I must admit I am a little nervous.  :/