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I’m a Shopping Crazy Woman

Saturday, April 17th, 2004

So last night I bought:
towels and wash clothes
shower curtain
bath mats
Today I am buying:
living room set
bed room set
kitchen table and chairs

A Year In A Life

Friday, April 16th, 2004

With everything going on right now I have been doing some reflecting. On this would’ve-been-anniversary I am getting ready to graduate and preparing to sign a contract on my house. I am looking at my cash flow and trying to figure out what to buy for my new house first: a living room set, bedroom set, refrigerator or a fence. I am distracted and excited and ready for April 29th to get here. That day is my last day of classes and then I am done until my actual graduation on the 19th. Then it will be just a short week until I settle on my house. Here’s to endings and beginnings – past, present and future.

Contracts and Decorating

Thursday, April 15th, 2004

Tonight Mom is going to go and pick up the contract for my new house. We are going to have a settlement attorney just glance it over and then sign it and get it to the title company.

Last night I went out and picked out the duvet cover, shams, pillow cases, and sheets for the master bedroom. I have decided to use the Dream Catcher that Joe made me two Christmases ago as the focal point of the room. The Dream Catcher is mostly pale green with some accents in black, white and grey. I chose this set for my linens to bring out the pale green:

Helping out Cycle of 3

Wednesday, April 14th, 2004

I have been hitting up all my favorite message boards with the following. If you get a chance help out my friends by downloading their songs, voting, and visiting their site:
Ok everyone I am trying to help out a friend’s band. They are on a website called and if you go and download their music and vote for them you can help their standings on the rankings for that website. Record labels have been known to frequent the top place bands, so this might help them out with getting a big break if we can get them to the top. Their specific page on the website is here. Thanks for any help you can provide. Feel free to let me know any comments or criticisms you have about the music and I will be more than happy to pass them on.

Decisions, decisions…

Wednesday, April 14th, 2004

We spent last night running from store to store looking for items and decorating ideas for my new house. I was looking at sheets, comforters, towels, shower curtains, etc. I decided I was going in the wrong direction. I need to approach things in the other direction and look at the furniture first. Just because I like a particular color duvet cover does not mean it is going to match the headboard that I pick out. At least I now have a general idea of what is available in some of these stores and how much I will probably need to spend.