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Biggest Loser Fantasy Failure

Wednesday, November 7th, 2007

So I am Biggest Loser Fantasy League failure.  Currently I am the only person with only one person left on their team.  Someone who doesn’t have as much weight to loss as the other players.  Someone who did win a Hybrid Ford Escape last night, but that doesn’t impact my team’s numbers at all.  🙁

This morning I adorned myself in my Cold Gear and his the streets for 5-miles.  When I was in the sun I was hot, but as soon as I hit the shade I was oh-so happy to have my cold gear on.  I need to be prepared to either spend a lot of time doing laundry this winter or I need to procure some more cold gear.  Not being a fan of laundry and also not wanting my laziness to impact my ability to get out and run I think I need to warm up the credit card some.

Weigh-in 11/5

Monday, November 5th, 2007

Today I had to skip my WW meeting because of another meeting, but I made sure to at least weigh-in today since I missed it the last two weeks.  I knew it was going to be a gain.  Vacation, Halloween and my birthday all in one week proved to be too much for me.  It wasn’t as bad as it could be with only a 2 lb gain.  I will have that back off in no time.  I am off to a pretty good start today, but I have been really hungry.  I think it is some lingering effects from my run yesterday. 

15 for my 29

Monday, November 5th, 2007

Saturday I turned 29 years old.  To celebrate on Sunday I strapped up my shoes and went for a 15-mile run.  It didn’t feel as hard as the 13 miles I ran two weeks ago.  After speaking with some of my running friends about mileage increases I realized that the pain I was feeling when I surpassed my previous long mileage was completely normal.  I think it helped me make a mental break through.  I changed up my running route some and it is starting to become believable that I can squeeze 20 miles out of my normal running route without too much back tracking.  We will cross that bridge when we come to it.

I think my hardest mile was mile 13, and I did it to myself.  I was getting to the point that I needed to talk myself through to the end of the run.  I was feeling really good telling myself that I only need to increase 5 more miles after this run and I will be ready for the race.  Then I told myself that I still  need to run 11.2 miles after the 15 to cross the finish line.  Then I slowed down a lot and actually walked a little.  After I got those thoughts out of my head I started to pick the pace up again.  Either way I was really slow for the entire run.  😛