Iron Deficiancy?

So this morning I got to work and just minutes later my co-worker showed up with bagels, a holiday bread, and a chocolate mousse cake. A week late? Well yes, but I still appreciate it very much.

I went to the doctor’s on Friday for my yearly physical. There are some concerns that I may be anemic, so on December 9th I am going back for some bloodwork. Most likely it is the iron deficiency form of anemia, which can easily be treated with some iron supplements and eating more red meat. The symptoms I have are very minimal (cold hands and some bruising), so it isn’t really affecting my life, but it is better to find out and treat it then keep wearing my gloves at the computer.

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  1. K80K Says:

    I did a little more research. Turns out 1 in 5 women have Iron Deficiancy Anemia and it is easily treated with an iron supplement and controlled with the aid of an oral contraceptive. As long as neither are the size of a horse pill I will have no problem with that.

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