V-Day with Bessie

So it’s Valentine’s day, woo-hoo. I plan on spending it with the love of my life, my computer. I may also invite out friend BBQ Chicken Cheese steak to join us for dinner. I have some cookies to program for my Servlet and JSP class, so I am sure the evening will go by quickly. I am hoping the snow is bad enough that class gets cancelled…keep your fingers crossed. However, the weather does need to clear up in time for my father to fly home on Sunday so that he can start his new job on Tuesday.

I learned something new at work today by accident. If you are in MS Access and you have a table open you can select rows and using file send to, only send out the rows you have highlighted. I really had no idea you could do that. Forms, Reports and VBA I can do, but I didn’t know that.

A special thank you out to Joe and Ange who brought my Rob Zombie collection to new heights yesterday with the addition of some awesome toys.

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