Produce and Finger Nails Section

Mom and Dad are finally on their way home. Can’t wait! It means the snow will finally all go away and we will finally have food in the house. Real food! Not peanut butter and jelly gram crackers or pizza english muffins. I am really looking forward to this. I know I am pathetic, but I hate the grocery store. If I am there with someone else I don’t mind it, but if I have to push a cart with food for myself I can’t stand it. There are the people that get in your way, mostly small children with inattentive parents. Then there is the lady that stops in the produce section to clip her finger-nails. I know, sounds outrageous, but this actually happened to us…just ask WinterRaven. When I do get my own house (one year and counting) I plan on shopping at Metro after midnight. I may not have the leisure of the bakery and the lunch meat counter, but I won’t have to deal with annoying people. I think it is worth it 😉

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