Distracting Myself from Studying

So I decided to take a little break from studying and let you all know that I finally have an official settlement date on my house. On Friday, May 21st I will be signing the papers to make my crib…well make my crib my crib. 😀

I have been having lots of dreams lately. Not just lots of dreams, but lots of dreams that I remember. That is totally out of character for me. I can’t really complain about any of them yet. They have all been rather pleasant. I am going to keep their topics to myself just to aggrivate all my loyal readers. 😛

I took half a day tomorrow so that I can study before my exam. This will be my second to final Final. The one I have Thursday isn’t meant to be studied for, so Wednesday I will probably get some packing done and try to figure out a way to spiffy up my project a little so that I can get a 100 on it. Then after Thursday I will be done (as long as I don’t get a C in either of my classes, which I don’t foresee happening, knock on wood).

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