My Brain Hurts

Thanks to everyone for the luck and well wishes on the exam last night. I must say it was an extremely painful experience. I felt pretty confident walking in the door then when I actually started to flip through the exam it was brought to light exactly how little I knew. I e-mailed the teacher already this morning asking when he would have our grades together.

Today I get to spend the day calling around and rescheduling the delivery for my furniture. I think my plans now are to do the actual moving of furniture from my parent’s house to mine on Sunday, May 23rd. I am still hoping to be able to use pizza to bribe people to help me move my stuff. If I can get a certain someone to help me move then I will also have cake to bribe people with since that is his birthday. 😉

I figure I can move the stuff from my parent’s house on that Sunday because none of it will be going into rooms I need to paint. The rest of the stuff I will try to have delivered on Tuesday or Wednesday, so that I have a least 2 days to try to get some painting done before the stuff comes in. We will see how that goes.

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