The End

Today is the day (provided that I passed my exam on Tuesday :blush: ) that my graduate school education is done and the rest of my life begins. I had a little taste of freedom yesterday and felt a little lost. I went out to dinner with my big-bro where we did some bonding and ate some Outback. Then I went home and didn’t know what to do with myself. I moved a couple boxes that Mom packed up from the basement and watched a little TV. Luckily Nick came to the rescue just before bed time and provided some distraction else I probably would have gone insane. Well actually, I probably would have just read some Harry Potter and fallen asleep, but that doesn’t sound as dramatic.

This weekend I have stacked myself up with a nice full plate. Saturday I take my paper weight that I have been storing in the basement out for a spin. Lachrymose and myself will be making our way up to the rail trail so that I can break in my bike and my new, color-coordinated, Camelbak. Sunday Melissa, Abby and I are going to Hershey Park for the annual Verizon Pioneers Day. This will be my third year in a row going, and my second going with Abby and Melissa. It was so much fun watching Abby on the rides last year, and now that she is just that much older it will probably be just that much more fun. 😀

Ok, I am off to do some work today. We have are having a work picnic today to just try to boost some moral. Fun fun… :crazy:

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