Another month, another half

Ok, so maybe the changes haven’t been too exciting so far since they have been non-existent. I do plan on make some changes to the site soon. Promise! I have been very busy lately with my running and it had to take priority over other things.

I am happy to report that I have completed my second half-marathon. This one was the Disney World Half-marathon, so there are some pretty cool pictures to go with it too. In addition to the half I also did a 5K the day before with my father and brother.

The weather was much different than the Baltimore half and I didn’t really spend as much time training as I did for the first half so it took me 20 minutes longer to run. No complaints at all! I still had a great time! For more info you can see my official results page. The 5K was not timed and I didn’t really pay attention to the time when I crossed the finish line because it was so crowded I had to walk the first mile and a half, lol.

After the struggles I had training for this half I have decided to take a little breather from running. I still plan to run several times a week, but my plan is to go shorter distances so that running becomes more fun again. That doesn’t mean I won’t be racing either. I will just be sticking to 5Ks for a while. I plan to pick the distance back up again when I can move outside, then I will be training for a 7-miler this June. For now my exercise concentration will shift more towards cross training. That means more FIRMing as well as some new workouts by TLT and Cathe.

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