Today was my 6K and I am so glad I decided to do it. This is the first time I haven’t pre-registered for a race. I just wanted to see what the weather would be like and this morning it was perfect weather for running. I did this one by myself because Dad’s knees are still acting up and there was no way Mike was getting up early enough to join me. I didn’t need anyone with me though. This race comes pre-packed with lots of motivation. First off it is a parade route run. There were probably thousands of people lining the streets clapping as we went through. Also this race covered my grandfather’s old neighborhoods, so I got to spend my time thinking of the great memories I have of him. In recent years they actually redid the layout of this race so it passes right past his old front door. I decided to treat this as my speed training for the week so I pushed myself to run at a faster pace. In fact I improved my pace from the 7-miler by 1 minute per mile. Yay me!

Year Place Age/Sex Net Pace
2006 273 21 38:05 10:13
2007 330 22 40:16 10:48

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