My First Specialty Running Store Experience

June 2005 I took up running by starting the Couch to 5 K program from  In the past I had gone out for a jog once or twice, but never took is seriously, never was consistent, and never ran a mile straight through.  So when I started C25K I did what I always did.  Took off in the same pair of shoes I wear everyday.  Of course I quickly learned that was a no-no.  Some of you have probably head the story below, but it is part of what I am calling the “Lost Chronicles of K80K” so I am going to tell it again.  🙂

When I decided on my first 5K I went ahead and headed out to my first specialty running store to get fitted for my “perfect” running shoe.  When I walked in the guy had me hand him my current running shoes and then had me walk around the room and roll around on my feet so he could determine if I pronated.  I sat down and he looked at my shoes and looked at me.  He asked what made me decide to buy the shoes I had been wearing so far.  I innocently proclaimed that I picked them because they were purple.  This prompted a nice eye roll from the salesman.

So we go through the process of fitting me for my perfect running shoe and they end up being pink.  Me in pink shoes…blech!  Since they I have had blue, green, blue-green.  Never purple.  Well guess what!  The new Mizuno Wave Alchemy 7, my perfect running shoe, is FINALLY purple.  Yay!  Not to mention they are the most comfortable Alchemy I have had on my feet yet.  I am going to have to buy several pairs when they get down to the right price.  😉 

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  1. patmonahan Says:

    Its great to have running gear to inspire you. Shoes, shorts, shirts, electronics can all be very motivating.


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